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Megan Kowalchick, LMSW's Articles

Don't Doom

Life with children is challenging. Period. Throw in work obligations, play dates, a significant other, your own social life, school work, your child(ren)’s social life, house cleaning, and all of the other jobs that exist throughout the day, and it is easy to become overwhelmed. As the day progresses, the kids ask for more and more as your level of exhaustion increases and your patience fades.  This is when parents tend to slip into what I call “Don’t Doom.” So what do we do?

14 Quotes about Children

Here are some of my favorite quotes about children and parenting. 

5 Steps to a successful Back To School experience!

No matter what happened last year, this is a whole new year to be successful. If your child struggled last year, work with them to set up necessary support systems in advance (i.e., a tutor for a difficult subject, taking the time to practice shooting the basketball with them after work, staying connected with friends they have made over the summer to continue in the development of social skills, sharing a successful positive behavioral management technique with their new teacher via email in advance, etc.). 

Manage Temper Tantrums in 5 Easy Steps.

 "A person's a person no matter how small.” – Dr. Suess And sometimes our most cherished small people – our children – can challenge us in ways we never imagined! The parents we work with at South Bay Wellness are ALWAYS asking for tips and tricks to manage temper tantrums. So here you go parents – straight from our children’s therapist Megan Kowalchick, five easy ways to manage tantrum.  Remain calm Remain calm in your voice and your actions. Increased volume and aggression on the part of the adult will typically increase a child’s volume and aggression levels. If possible, get down with the child so that you can look in their eyes while you speak to them. Parents are encouraged to hug their child and verbalize that they will always love him or her no matter what, but that the child’s behavior has to change. Losing control can be scary for a child and this reassurance can be comforting.   Distract children by redirection to another activit ...


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