It’s the moment your children (and you) have all been waiting for. Warm weather and summer time! Now that school's out and the sun’s shining, you and your little ones have loads of time to spend together.  So much time, in fact, that you may be nervous about running out of creative, inexpensive activities to do with your children. No need to worry though- we’ve come up with a list of classic, simple past times, that will keep you and your children busy all summer long.


1.Set up a hammock. Lay in it, read in it, cloud watch in it. This outdoor summer setup is perfect for relaxing in with your children.

2.Do yard work together. Get them to pull weeds, and water plants with their very own watering can.

3.Build a fort outside. Drape some sheets over lower tree branches. Eat dinner in the fort, tell stories in the fort, even sleep in the fort!

4.Give your car a wash. Let your little one put the soap on the car, and wash it down. They’ll love playing with the bubbles!

5.Go on a bug safari in your backyard. Dig for worms, hunt for lizards and frogs. Try to identify any new little critters that you may find rummaging around.

6.Play with chalk. Hop-scotch never gets old!

7.Dance in the rain. The activity is perfect during a summer shower. Get your bathing suits on and jump in all the puddles!

8.Build a backyard obstacle course with hula hoops, jump ropes, bikes, balls, and balloons.

9.Start a crafting class. Buy some crafts from the art supplies store and invite your neighbors children over for a day of crafting.

10.  Play kickball, freeze tag, jump rope, twister, or any other simple, classic game you can think of.

11.  Conduct a nature scavenger hunt. Buy some brown paper bags, and on them, write a list of what your children need to find. A beautiful rock, a Y shaped stick, two different kinds of flowers. Be creative!

12.  Have a picnic. Let your children help you pack healthy, plant inspired, meals and snacks

13.  Paint rocks and place them around your garden

14.  Identify plants in your backyard with the help of a book

15.  Build a bonfire and tell stories around it

16.  Build and hang a bird feeder

17.  Tye-dye white sheets and shirts

18.  Make and eat watermelon cookies (slice the watermelon and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes)

19.  Have a water balloon toss

20.  Create a compost and let your children tend to it

                   21.  Plant a garden with your children. Grow herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and add them to your summertime meals