The New Year symbolizes a clean slate, change and growth. But if you’ve made New Year resolutions before, you might be discouraged by previous years abandoned goals. Why is it that year after year, we make promises to ourselves that we cannot keep? Whether you’re looking to get healthy, save money, or improve a relationship these resolutions often fade out before the end of February. So how can we make this year’s resolutions count?

When you think about your resolutions remember that this time of year is not about a huge life transformation. It’s about reflecting on your past year and finding small areas of improvement in order to reach a greater goal. So before you set out to accomplish the same goals you’ve been setting year after year, follow these suggestions below:

1.Start Small:
It’s fantastic to dream big, however, setting large, far out goals from the start can set us up for failure. If your end goal is to workout consistently 5 days a week and you’re currently sedentary, start off slow and set a goal to get to the gym 2 days/wk. That way when life makes it impossible to workout one day out of the week, you aren’t discouraged because you’ve kept your promise to yourself.

2.Recognize Setbacks and Stay Positive!
Life happens and every day will not be perfect! Recognize this and don’t let setbacks derail you. If your action is not in line with your goal, make sure your next action puts you back on the right path instead of letting it spiral out of control.

3.Share your goals
You are more likely to stick with your goals if you have someone to keep you accountable. So share what you’re hoping to accomplish this year on Facebook or with friend or family member. Who knows, you may inspire them to reach your goals with you!

4.Keep a journal
Track your success and accomplishments and look it over from time to time. That way when you’re having an off day, you can look back and see how far you’ve come.

5.Keep growing!
Start small and keep moving forward! Once you reach one goal, set another with your end goal in mind.