It is amazing how often I’ll go to client’s homes and they do not love what surrounds them!  In fact, sometimes the artwork discussion leads to frustration about the piece. “Aunt Mary gave us that for our anniversary and we just HAD to hang it!” Even one client said that his ex-wife gave him the painting that hangs above his and his new wife’s bed! (And boy did THAT create an entire dialog!)

Take a moment and go to your entry door and go sit where you spend a lot of time. What do you see? What artwork and objects draw your attention? How do you feel?

You should feel uplifted and supported. If you feel drained, frustrated, sad, or angry, see why you feel that way. If it’s related to the artwork, then remove them immediately and replace with something that will make you feel good!

In fact, when you look at the artwork I want you to smile!
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