What is a GMO exactly? Well, GMO stands for “Genetically Modified Organism.” To create a genetically modified organism, the genes of a plant or animal areliterally altered. In a laboratory, the genes of a completely unrelated organism are inserted into the genes of the plant or animal (i.e. like fish genes inserted into tomato genes… and yes this has been done).

Genetic engineering is quite different from traditional breeding. It is not like mating two different kinds of dogs. It is more like crossing a dog with a pig… which of course would not occur in nature. Genetic modification is far from an exact science and its true consequences have not been sufficiently studied. Yes, the FDA has approved these organisms and they are present in our food but, please keep in mind that the deputy commissioner for food at the FDA is Monsanto’s (the corporation that seems to be leading the way in biotechnology) former Vice President

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