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From the monthly archives: April 2015

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101 ways to stay away from electronics

Think your well of family fun activities is running dry? Have no fear! We’ve got you covered…101 102 times.

Just when you thought there weren’t any leisurely activities left that didn’t involve electronics, we’ve found 102 for you! From collecting seashells on the beach, to making snow angels in the snow, this list will keep you and your family active all year long. There are some ideas on this list that involve electronics- we advise you not to engage in these on days when electronics are meant to be forgotten.  


TED gives a Talk

What’s better than a TED talk? A TED talk about electronics and its negative impacts on your children of course! Educate yourself and protect your children from becoming impacted by TV’s harmful consequences.

Don’t miss out on what pediatrician and parent, Dimitri Christakis, has to say about, TV and the affect it has on brains…but not just any brains… your children’s!


Some musical inspiration

If a music video about stepping away from electronics doesn’t get you excited, we’re not sure what will.

Not only cute, but also educational; this video reveals the truths about our societies dependence on electronics.


The Newest Relationship Threat…Social Media?

We all use social media. Why? Well that’s simple. To be social of course! But when exactly is being social TOO social?

We may not be experts, but it’s safe to assume that when social media is causing problems in your relationship, something has to change. No, this does not mean that you have to deactivate all your accounts and hide from the world in order for you to have a happy and healthy relationship.  You may just need to make minor adjustments. Find out proper social media etiquette that can possibly save your relationship.


Some musical inspiration

If a music video about stepping away from electronics doesn’t get you excited, we’re not sure what will.

Not only cute, but also educational; this video reveals the truths about our societies dependence on electronics.


From One Second To The Next

It may be one of the biggest rules of the century- no texting while driving, but how many of us can honestly say we obey? If you weren’t serious about abiding to this law before, you will be after watching this video.  

A documentary that uses personal experiences to reveal the crude consequences of texting while driving, From One Second To The Next, is a must see. After viewing this video, you’ll think twice before picking up that phone when sitting behind the wheel. 


“Be Free”…for a year

So you’ve challenged yourself to “Be Free,” from electronics and the Internet for one day a week throughout the month of April. But what if you were challenged to “Be Free” for 365 days, consecutively? Could you do it? Is that even possible?!

Believe it or not, a year without the Internet is possible, and has been done. In a TED talk, Paul Miller, an American Technology Journalist from Springfield, Missouri, describes the experience he had during an entire year without Internet access. Watch this and find out what he learned on this difficult (but NOT impossible) task.



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Pass The Salt

Just when you thought you couldn’t do anything to get your children’s attention at the dinner table…

A cute little video that puts a spin on what normally happens at the dinner table. Try this at home, and you’ll have your kids second-guessing whether they should whip out their cell phones while having a family meal.


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Social Media, Social Family

As social media becomes more popular, families ironically become less social. Find out how your family can have it’s cake, and eat it too.

Social media is fun. But when it starts tarring your family apart, you may start second guessing that. Good news. With just a bit of direction, you and your family can learn how to intertwine these two social worlds.




Week 3: Project Be Free Check-In

Week three is upon us! How are you doing midway through Project Be Free?

Here is some of what our participants are saying:

"Had an amazing unplug day yesterday with the family! We spent the entire day outdoors with no distractions. We had fun and the kids didn't fight with each other as much as usual. That makes mom happy J

“The second Sunday off of TV was much easier than last week for two reasons. First, I wasn’t near a TV from 9:30 in the morning until 7:45 in the evening. Secondly, the weather was great so I wanted to stay outside as long as possible. By staying busy during the day, I was less inclined to find a television to watch sporting events, TV shows or movies. The only time I had thought about watching TV was before I went to sleep, but even then I wasn’t interested. Sunday reminded me of day camps as a kid, because campers would spend all time playing sports, such as dodge ball, basketball and swimming. By the time we went back home at the end of the day, I either wanted to play more sports or go to sleep. Similarly, I spent most of Sunday playing tennis and enjoying the nice weather. Next Sunday, pending weather, I want to spend more time outside and away from TVs to see if the cleansing will be even easier.”

We are loving hearing how you are benefiting from your participation. Thank you for sharing.

Be sure to check out the following links for more reasons why Project Be Fee is so important

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