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Does your artwork make you smile?

It is amazing how often I’ll go to client’s homes and they do not love what surrounds them!  In fact, sometimes the artwork discussion leads to frustration about the piece. “Aunt Mary gave us that for our anniversary and we just HAD to hang it!” Even one client said that his ex-wife gave him the painting that hangs above his and his new wife’s bed! (And boy did THAT create an entire dialog!)

Take a moment and go to your entry door and go sit where you spend a lot of time. What do you see? What artwork and objects draw your attention? How do you feel?

You should feel uplifted and supported. If you feel drained, frustrated, sad, or angry, see why you feel that way. If it’s related to the artwork, then remove them immediately and replace with something that will make you feel good!

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VALIDATE your way to happiness.

To help my clients reach optimal mental health I am almost always working with them to learn how to validate their feelings. Validation simply means accepting, honoring, and valuing how you feel.  This is essential to mental well-being; if you do not validate a feeling you cannot move on from it.

Let’s look at the issue of stress and time management. Many of my clients come in to my office thinking there is something wrong with them because they are overwhelmed with the work-family balance. There self-talk looks like this “I don’t know what is wrong with me, I must just be an awful parent, I feel so overwhelmed and I know I shouldn’t, many people are so much worse off than me…”.

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Listen to your body - it knows best!

Your body is the one thing that is with you all of the time. It tells you what it needs and it tells you when it is being adversely affected.  The question is: Are you listening?  Many of us seem to think of our bodies as separate entities rather than a real part of ourselves. It is almost as if we are all just mind. The disconnect between our body and our mind can sometimes have us miss many of the clues our bodies give us. So, make it a point right now to begin reconnecting your mind to your body. Become more conscious and more aware of your body. Take a few minutes, close your eyes, and feel every part of your body using your mind not your hands. Notice how each of your toes feel. Notice how each of your fingers feel. Notice each vertebra, each vein, each organ of your body, and even each part of your brain. Just take notice.  Notice the places that feel light and those that feel heavy. Notice the places that are in need of your help and notice the ones that are thankful for the help you ...

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Adovcate your way to better health!

 As a child, I was always sick. From asthma to ear infections to bronchitis to eczema, I had it all. When I was 18, I went to the doctor for unbearable nausea. I lived with it day in and day out. The doctor did all he could for me. He gave me a 5 minute exam, listened to my symptoms, and sent me away with a prescription that I was to take for the rest of my life. For many people this would have been a great solution. Pop some pills and the problem is gone. For me though, at 18 years old, I just could not bring myself to believe that I would need to be on a prescription medication for the rest of my life. It just did not make any sense. As a result, I took control of my health. I started reading, I started learning, I started asking my health care providers more questions rather than simply listening. I started working with holistic practitioners and I changed my ill-fate.

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What's in Danielle's smoothie?

It is not unusual for clients to walk into my office for their appointment and see the jar of green smoothie sitting on my desk. It is also not unusual for them to ask, "So, what is that you are drinking?" So, allow me to share with you exactly what is in my green smoothie.

Although my recipe always changes based on what I have in my cupboards, the season, and my mood, here are some pretty basic ingredients:...

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Improve rest and romance with feng shui.

There are two purposes for the bedroom: intimacy and rest. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary that protects and nurtures your body, mind and spirit. However, you may have turned your bedroom into a work space, a television-viewing space, a hobby room, etc. 

Objects that do not belong in this space? A television, cable box, laptop, cell phone, cordless phone, dare I say printer? Anything else electronically-charged?

These objects all radiate electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which causes tremendous  harm to your body.  And did you know that they continue to do so even when they are turned off? They do!

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Add vitality to your home with plants.

One of my biggest draws to feng shui was its connection to nature and its principles that are based on observation of the natural world. In order to live in balance and harmony with nature we need to embrace nature in our world. When first visiting, I saw that so many of my client’s homes had no live plants in them at all. My recommendation ALWAYS is, get plants!

Humans have adapted over millions of years among the greenery of nature. Our bodies are wired to be surrounded by nature. Only in the last century have we quickly isolated our homes and workspaces from contact with the environment and our health has paid a dear price....


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