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Electronic blue light, what?

For most of us, “electronic blue light,” is a foreign term.  However, while we may not know what this means, we are staring right into it’s definition, literally. The screen you are looking into right now, whether on your cell phone, laptop, or tablet, is emitting a blue light that can be hazardous to your eyes, your sleep, and your health. Scary, we know! But we have some solutions!

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Food for all

If one website with healthy meals for children wasn’t enough, we have another great website to share with you. With recipes so great, even you’ll be eating them.

Make your home a safe haven for nutritious meals for the entire family! Havenrecipies.com has great ideas for children that you’ll also find enjoyable. You can thank us later.


Move Together, Improve Together

As parents, we often forget how to play. However, one of the best ways to get your kids up off the couch, and on their feet is if you engage in activities with them. Don’t worry, if you’ve forgotten what playtime is like, we can help.

Finding activities to play with your children is one thing; actually playing with them is another. With the responsibilities and roles we have as parents, we often forget what it’s like to let our guard down and just BE FREE while playing with our children. Here are some great tips on how to become a better playmate for your child.


Little Sous-Chef

There’s nothing quite like home cooked meals with your family. Seeing your children’s faces light up when they see that you’ve whipped up their favorite meal is priceless. But what if your little ones had the chance to not only see and taste the finished product but helped you create it as well? Imagine the memories that could be created! Read on to discover some tips and tricks in training your child to become your little Sous-Chef. 

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Getting Back to Basics

A few ideas for children’s activities that may seem so common sense, but may have been forgotten.

 When we read this blog, we knew we had to share it with you. In the blog, there are eleven activities that are fun, affordable, and are probably what you engaged in as a child. We invite you to read through it, reflect on your own childhood, and hopefully share some of these classic activities with your children.


Project Be Free Begins Today!

Project Be Free Begins Today!
What Commitment Will You Make?
Here is what a few of our South Bay Wellness Practitioners are doing:

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Why Project Be Free is Important to me

Imagine, if just once a week, I gave my children and husband the same attention and presence to the moment that I give my clients. Imagine if I wasn’t always rushing through my time with them so that I could accomplish some other “to-do” item off my work list. Or if I wasn’t rushing them to bed so that I could answer emails or check my phone…or if we sat and talked without the distraction of phones, computers and TV. What if we all spent some time being present with each other?

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Don't Doom

Life with children is challenging. Period. Throw in work obligations, play dates, a significant other, your own social life, school work, your child(ren)’s social life, house cleaning, and all of the other jobs that exist throughout the day, and it is easy to become overwhelmed. As the day progresses, the kids ask for more and more as your level of exhaustion increases and your patience fades.  This is when parents tend to slip into what I call “Don’t Doom.” So what do we do?

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14 Quotes about Children

Here are some of my favorite quotes about children and parenting. 

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What you should know about therapy

Read more to learn what therapy IS and ISN'T about. I hope it gives some clarity to all those thinking about coming to therapy - because in all honesty - therapy is awesome!

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