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Breastfeeding – What’s in it for Mom?

Many of us are well versed on the benefits of breastfeeding for babies. It helps build their immune system, breast-milk is easy to digest, it reduces the risk of type II diabetes and childhood obesity, it may reduce the risk of SIDS – and the list goes on. But what is in it for Mom? Does breastfeeding have to be all about the baby? Click here to read more!

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Do you know what the #1 polluter of indoor air is?

 All those enticingly-scented candles and plug-in air fresheners to make the air “clean” in your home -- to make the air SMELL clean – are highly toxic! They emit a soup of manmade chemicals into the air, making the air essentially un-breathable.

They emit toxins and are the #1 polluters of indoor air! 

For those with breathing problems, including allergies, asthma, and lung disorders, these products can be extremely harmful. It’s not any better for the rest of us either.

What are the alternatives? The alternatives are not as easy to pick up at the grocery store, however, they are becoming more and more available in the mainstream.  Soy

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5 Steps to a successful Back To School experience!

No matter what happened last year, this is a whole new year to be successful. If your child struggled last year, work with them to set up necessary support systems in advance (i.e., a tutor for a difficult subject, taking the time to practice shooting the basketball with them after work, staying connected with friends they have made over the summer to continue in the development of social skills, sharing a successful positive behavioral management technique with their new teacher via email in advance, etc.). 

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Manage Temper Tantrums in 5 Easy Steps.

 "A person's a person no matter how small.” – Dr. Suess And sometimes our most cherished small people – our children – can challenge us in ways we never imagined! The parents we work with at South Bay Wellness are ALWAYS asking for tips and tricks to manage temper tantrums. So here you go parents – straight from our children’s therapist Megan Kowalchick, five easy ways to manage tantrum.  Remain calm Remain calm in your voice and your actions. Increased volume and aggression on the part of the adult will typically increase a child’s volume and aggression levels. If possible, get down with the child so that you can look in their eyes while you speak to them. Parents are encouraged to hug their child and verbalize that they will always love him or her no matter what, but that the child’s behavior has to change. Losing control can be scary for a child and this reassurance can be comforting.   Distract children by redirection to another activit ...

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What we can't see can hurt us - EMFs

 Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are very real and very present in our world even though we can not see them. What are they exactly?  EMFs are emitted by electronic and wireless devices. Low frequency EMFs are emitted mainly by appliances and electricity whereas high frequency EMFs are emitted by wireless devices like cell phones, cell phone towers, power lines, computers and more.  Considering the amount of devices and electronics in our world, we are virtually living in a sea of EMFs. Unfortunately, this sea of EMFs is damaging to our health.  EMFs interfere with the bodies own energy system, its natural cellular resonance. It stresses the cells of the body and interferes with their function. They impact cellular metabolism as well as ions within our bodies.  Exactly how dangerous are EMFs? This is a topic that is being widely debated in the scientific community at the moment. At one point in time, the Environmental Protection Agency requested that EMFs be listed as a Class B carc ...

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Decrease Stress and Improve Health

 Unfortunately, even being the healthiest eater in the world can not entirely counteract the impact stress has on the body. Stress can cause illness, disease, and simply take your energy away. It depresses the immune system, wreaks havoc within your endocrine system, and sends your body into a tailspin.  One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your health is to de-stress. There are of course many different ways to do that. Here are some suggestions: · Give yourself the gift of Reiki. (Carole Duva and Denise Mirante here at South Bay Wellness, are two of the most gifted Reiki Masters I know). · Find something you enjoy… AND DO IT! · Engage in regular exercise. This can include things such as yoga and pilates.  · Stop, breathe and smile. · Engage in talk therapy to work through issues that require resolution. In fact, we have some of the best therapists on Long Island here at South Bay Wellness. They are just a phone call away ( ...

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Understanding Therapy

 I love to teach – especially students learning to be mental health professionals.

When my summer course on Health Counseling started this past week the very first question I asked my students was “What does a counselor or therapist do?” It is a question many people either do not know the answer to or have false beliefs about. Even my students don’t fully understand, at least on their first day of class.


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Nutty Chocolate Freezer Fudge - Quick, Easy, and YUMMY

I looked at the clock and realized.... I had exactly 15 minutes to quicly prepare SOMETHING to bring with me to a family party. Needing to go grocery shopping and without a plan in mind, I was on a mission to create something quickly, easily, and of course something that had to taste delicious. So, what did I do?

I grabbed my blender and started throwing stuff in. My husband walked in and said,"What are you making?" My response was, "I have no idea" hehehe. It all turned out really well though.

So, here is what I made.....


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No No GMO!

What is a GMO exactly? Well, GMO stands for “Genetically Modified Organism.” To create a genetically modified organism, the genes of a plant or animal areliterally altered. In a laboratory, the genes of a completely unrelated organism are inserted into the genes of the plant or animal (i.e. like fish genes inserted into tomato genes… and yes this has been done).

Genetic engineering is quite different from traditional breeding. It is not like mating two different kinds of dogs. It is more like crossing a dog with a pig… which of course would not occur in nature. Genetic modification is far from an exact science and its true consequences have not been sufficiently studied. Yes, the FDA has approved these organisms and they are present in our food but, please keep in mind that the deputy commissioner for food at the FDA is Monsanto’s (the corporation that seems to be leading the way in biotechnology) former Vice President

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Is that really food?

Buyer Beware! Before you spend your hard earned cash on packaged and processed foods, you should know that they provide little to no nutritional value and in many cases, they are harmful to your health.

Processed and packaged foods are one of the biggest nutritional health destroyers. Despite what many package labels claim, (i.e. Cocoa Puffs is good for you because it is filled with fiber or the blueberry muffin mix is healthy because it contains blueberries -which it usually doesn’t- or Nutella is amazingly nutritious for breakfast), you would be hard pressed to find packaged and processed foods in the grocery store that will actually provide nutritional benefits.

Most packaged foods have been processed so much that they need to be fortified with vitamins and minerals. In most cases, you can consider them dead foods (and foods that bring death … oops, did I say that?).

Now, I understand, fresh foods may not always be readily available and the supermarket is, in fact, filled with primarily processed and packaged foods, so what does one do?...........

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