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Practitioner Title Phone Number

Alyson Ryan Director of Clinical Services
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
ext. 101 Alyson@SouthBayWellness.com
Danielle Zanzarov Director of Holistic Health Services
PhD in Natural Medicine
Traditional Naturopath
Quantum Reflex Analysis 
ext. 102 Danielle@SouthBayWellness.com
Tara Bulin Licensed Clinical Social Worker
EMDR Trauma Specialist
ext. 119 Tara@SouthBayWellness.com
Christopher Conway  Licensed Master Social Worker ext. 116 Chris@SouthBayWellness.com
Maureen Ford Licensed Master Social Worker ext. 122 MaureenFord@SouthBayWellness.com
Sharon Gingola  Licensed Clinical Social Worker ext. 125 Sharon@SouthBayWellness.com
Megan Kowalchick Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
Director of Children's Services
ext. 114 Megan@SouthBayWellness.com 
 Erica Lucks Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
Reiki Practitioner
ext. 108 Erica@SouthBayWellness.com
Ruth Love Licensed Master Social Worker ext. 103 Ruth@SouthBayWellness.com
Melissa Lynam Licensed Clinical Social Worker ext. 128 MelissaL@SouthBayWellness.com
Melissa Macko Licensed Clinical Social Worker ext. 124 Melissa@SouthBayWellness.com
Jenna-Marie O'Leary  Licensed Clinical Social Worker ext. 126 JennaMarie@SouthBayWellness.com 
Susan Paraspolo Licensed Master Family Therapist ext. 109 Susan@SouthBayWellness.com 
Heather Simonson Licensed Master Social Worker,
Certified Sex Therapist
Reiki Master
ext. 113 Heather@SouthBayWellness.com 
Caitlin Winnicki Licensed Master Social Worker ext. 120 Caitlin@SouthBayWellness.com
 Michelle Doxsee Licensed Physical Therapist
Myofascial Release Therapist
ext. 109 Michelle@SouthBayWellness.com 
Holistic Health:      
Megan Crouse  Licensed Acupuncturist  ext. 127 Acupuncture@SouthBayWellness.com
Tina Dejesus Chef ext. 118 Tina@SouthBayWellness.com
Dina Proctor  Master Meditation Expert ext. 104  Dina@SouthBayWellness.com
Brittany Stucklen Nutritional Consultant
Personal Trainer
ext. 123 Brittany@SouthBayWellness.com
Monet Dalpiaz  Energy Healer,
EFT Coach
Registered Yoga Teacher 
ext. 117 Monet@SouthBayWellness.com


23 Candee Ave
Sayville, New York 11782

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