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Children's Counseling

How does children's counseling work?

Through the development of a trusting and therapeutic relationship, the counselor is able to partner with both parent(s) and child(ren) in order to identify issues and develop achievable goals for client progress and success. Counselors typically meet with parents initially, involve parents in sessions when necessary, and regularly engage in parent meetings to monitor progress, modify goals, and maintain consistency between the home and counseling environments. Counselors also work in an interdisciplinary capacity by coordinating care with pediatricians, supporting physicians, and school personnel when appropriate, in order to maintain a sense of consistency for the child and their family.

What issues can you help my child with?

Counseling can help a child through a variety of issues including but not limited to: family issues (divorce, moving, siblings, communication struggles, addition of step-parent/sibling, deployment, and other major transitions), social issues (peer conflict, communication struggles, adjustment disorders, self-confidence/esteem issues), and emotional issues (anxiety, depression, anger management, low self-esteem, life transitions).

How do I know if my child needs group or individual therapy?

It is important to call a child counselor for an initial consultation in order to determine what would be the best fit for your child. Following an assessment, counselors are able to determine what setting would best meet your child’s needs. Counselors are also able to provide referral information if your child’s needs would be best met through an outside agency.

What is parent coaching?

A parenting coach offers guidance and mentoring to parents and teachers. When it comes to children, many people offer advice. A parent coach helps a parent decide which of the many pieces of advice they receive about their child(ren) matches their values and beliefs when tackling a specific issue. A coach listens and responds to the client selectively using questioning techniques. A parenting coach does not tell a parent what to do, but instead partners with the parent(s) in order to develop a plan of how to approach specific parenting issues that fit the unique needs of the family.

What are the costs for counseling services?

South Bay Wellness accepts a variety of insurance plans for mental health services. Self-pay client services utilize a sliding scale of $90-$125 based on annual household income.

To find out if children's counseling and parent coaching are right for you and your family, please call Megan Kowalchick, LMSW at: 855-552-9355 ext. 114 or Megan@SouthBayWellness.com.

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