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Sex Therapy

Welcome! We are thrilled that you are considering seeking sex therapy at South Bay Wellness. This page has some of the most common questions we are asked about sex therapy and the answers to those questions. They will help you get a sense of what sex therapy is, the types of issues we often work with, and what you can expect as a client.

Why do people see a sex therapist?

  • If you’ve ever wondered “Isn’t there more to sex than this?”
  • What holds you back from fully enjoying the uninhibited, fulfilling sex life that you deserve?
  • Body image and how it effects your relationship and sex life?
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity and how that impacts your life.
  • Sexual desire or arousal 
  • Sexless marriage 
  • Trouble reaching orgasm 
  • Painful intercourse 
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Rapid (Premature) ejaculation 
  • Enhancing intimacy, pleasure and orgasm 
  • Gender transitions 
  • Sexual orientation 
  • Menopause 
  • A teenager who is curious about this sex and wanting straight answers. 
  • A parent who is concerned about how their child or teenager is expressing themselves sexually. 
  • Are you a couple that is wanting to increase sexual intimacy, or to increase their communication about sex? 
  • Are you concerned that your partner is watching internet porn and what this may mean to your relationship? 
  • Do you sometimes think that you might be struggling with what feels like an addition to sex? 
  • Disconnected libidos - Is sex a sore point in your relationship being uncomfortable rather than pleasurable? 
  • Dealing with infidelity

  • What is a sex therapist?
    A qualified sex therapist is someone who holds a degree in a mental health field, is licensed to practice as a therapist, has many years of counselling experience and has gone on to  receive more in depth training and certification specifically in the area of sex therapy. It’s this additional training that truly distinguishes a Certified Sex Therapist from other types of therapists.

    What does a sex therapist do?
    A sex therapist listens to your concerns in a non-judgmental, fully accepting, and safe environment and will approach your situation with sensitivity, compassion and professionalism.

    Sex therapy is solution focused and so depending upon your goals and your level of commitment in and outside of the office, from talking openly in therapy to engaging in homework assignments, the process could take anywhere from as little as a few sessions to a dozen.

    Do I come to sex therapy alone or with my partner?
    You may choose to see a sex therapist independently, or with your partner, spouse or friend.

    What results do clients who participate in sex therapy often achieve?
    Sex is meant to be a rewarding and pleasurable part of life and sex therapy can achieve just that.   Your results are driven by your own motivation and dedication to change. At the onset of therapy we discuss what your specific goals are coupled with fun and feasible ways to achieve those goals. Sex therapy makes talking about sex and sexuality more comfortable and helps you put into words what you have been feeling and thinking. This safe and open environment allows you to also begin to shift your perspective and enables you to see things in a new light.  My only goal is to empower you in a way that leads to personal growth, and with sex therapy that often times leads to more confidence, increased self-esteem, a stronger body image and enhanced sexual pleasure.

    What is the philosophy and style of Heather Simonson, LMSW, CSE?
    “From my many years of working in the field of sexual and reproductive health, I have witnessed countless individuals who live in fear that they are not sexually “normal”.  When people have sexual problems, they often experience shame, guilt, and anger.  Many clients feel unnourished and unsatisfied. Sex therapy always looks at both the physical aspects of a person’s sexual health as well as the accompanying emotions. Everyone needs to find a therapist that is the right fit for them. Usually after the first session, you’ll get a good sense. I encourage you to work with a sex therapist if you’re looking to address anything sexual in nature. You deserve to feel understood, accepted and like you’re growing as a person. ” -Heather Simonson

    For struggling individuals:
    Sex therapy for one is the ultimate acts of self-care. Many individuals have sexual health concerns but feel as though because they’re not coupled or sexually active with another person that it is not a priority. For some these challenges may be what keeps them from pursuing relationships or sex. Engaging in solo sex therapy can help you overcome your fears and anxieties and help heal whatever physical problems you need to overcome.  Loving ourselves needs to come before love with any other.


    For struggling couples:
    Many people have a difficult time discussing concerns about their sexual health. This can lead to emotional and physical intimacy struggles. Often time’s couples become emotionally distant, refusing to talk about the situation and allowing resentments and bitterness to fester. The bedroom can become a place of worry and discomfort rather than one of peace and passion. Sex therapy helps increase communication and comfort about these feelings and together we discover new ways to help couples find a meeting of the minds and bodies and to allow individuals to open up to new possibilities.

    For those looking to take it to the next level:
    For those who are already experiencing a healthy, fulfilling sex life and just want more, learning tantric practices can enhance what you already have! Working individually or as a couple to learn deep relaxation, breathing and pelvic floor exercises can be just what you need to add that extra spice and deepen your sexual connection.  Our sessions will provide you with a good foundation offering a taste of tantra that will leave your tastebuds wanting more and ready to explore.


    South Bay Wellness is committed to providing affordable services. We accept a variety of insurance plans that cover mental health services and also offer a generous sliding scale.  Please call us at 855-55-BWELL ext. 113 to learn more about our services and pricing. We look forward to speaking with you.

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