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Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is the ancient art and science of working with one's energetic or subtle body to clear and reintegrate energetic pathways that may be hindering physical, emotional and/or spiritual well being. 

The subtle energy body is comprised of various systems that support our physical body's as well as our thoughts and actions.

Energy healing is void of pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.This modality restores natural balance and promotes the innate peace and harmony of the body, mind and core self. Everyone possesses these energies, therefore everyone can benefit!

Energetic health is fundamental to overall wellness. It is undeniably a part of us. Although often unseen, some of the energetic body is scientifically measurable, i.e. the bio-magnetic field. Acknowledging and caring for this aspect of the self is imperative in the pursuit of achieving optimal health and wholeness.

Some areas Energy Healing can assist with:

  • Feelings of being disconnected
  • Struggles with anxiety and depression
  • Subduing physical discomfort  associated with acute or chronic illness/injury
  • Persistent attraction to harmful or negative relationships
  • Release of counterproductive habits

Methods used in Energy Healing 

  • Gentle engagement of points on the skin
  • Tracing pathways of energy that travel throughout and around the body
  • Exercising postures or series of movements that promote energetic shifts
  • Mental focus and positive intention to mobilize and guide specific energy systems and pathways
  • Enveloping an area with healing energy by providing gentle touch and/or thoughtful intent and peaceful presence

To schedule an Energy Healing appointment, please call Monet at: 855-552-9355 ext. 117 or Monet@SouthBayWellness.com.

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