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South Bay Wellness recognizes the importance of relaxation, stress reduction and the clearing of energetic blockages.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction which promotes healing by assessing blockages in one's energy field and directing healing energy to where it is needed in a gentle, non-invasive manner.

"Rei" is generally interpreted as Universal while "ki" is Life Force Energy. Put together, Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a pure form of healing and is not a religion although it is spiritual in nature. It can never cause harm. It can enhance the body's ability to heal itself. Reiki goes to the source of an issue and promotes healing on all levels. Spiritual healing and a sense of overall well-being develop. It can guide your life once you open to its infinite energy.

Reiki is administered by a practitioner who has been attuned to the Reiki energy. It can involve a light laying on of hands or it can be administered away from the body in one's energy field. The recipient is fully clothed. One who receives Reiki often feels a sensation of warmth and well being as the energy field is charged with positive energy and the vibrational energy is raised in and around the physical body.

Generally, an issue will take multiple sessions to treat. Each individual is different so there is no set program.Reiki is supportive of other medical and psychological healing modalities. It has been used in hospitals and in other medical environments.

Among it uses are:
Stress reduction
Pre- and Post- surgery
Anxiety relief
Pain management
Pregnancy related anxiety & depression
Assisting those undergoing chemotherapy & radiation
And much more...


Fees for Reiki services begin at $65. Please call us at 855-55B-WELL ext. 113 and 108 to learn more about our services and pricing.

We look forward to speaking with you.


Have questions of comments?

Reach out to our Reiki expert,
Heather Simonson
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1-855-552-9355 ext. 113

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Have questions of comments?

Reach out to our Reiki expert,
Erica Lucks
Contact her at:
1-855-552-9355 ext. 108

or simply use the form below.

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