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Nutritional Consultations

South Bay Wellness recognizes the importance of nutrition for physical and emotional well being. We know that making the best nutrition choices can sometimes be challenging and confusing.

Certified Nutritional Consultant Danielle Zanzarov works with clients to make nutrition simple, practical and personalized. Her goal is to free you from nutritional worries so you can finally look and feel your best.

Danielle Zanzarov works with adults, children and families. Working with the whole person, she recognizes that each person's body is different and has different needs. She will work with you to assess your health history, diet, and lifestyle. The assessment leaves you with a comprehensive plan for moving forward with your nutrition and with your health in a way that is manageable. 

Dietary changes
Food sensitivities
Nutrition & behavior
Nutrition & chronic illness
Weight release
Cell resonant nutrition
Quantum Reflex Analysis
Enhancing energy & vitality

Fees vary based on the services provided and range from $100 - $199. Services include:

One-on-One Private Consultations
Family Consultations
Child Consultations
Quantum Reflex Analysis
Food Sensitivity Analysis
In-home Pantry Clean Out
Private Grocery Shopping Tour
Group Workshops  


For more information, please contact Danielle Zanzarov at
1-855-55B-WELL ext. 102 or at Danielle@SouthBayWellness.com

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