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At South Bay Wellness, we’re all about root cause resolution… digging deep into what causes your health issues and dis-ease. Start your journey to health today with our unique nutrition, lifestyle and functional medicine programs.

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At South Bay Wellness, we take a holistic approach to health. From cellular health to nutrition, we also look at toxins and environmental factors, and even address mindset so our clients can lead their healthiest lives.

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Our staff brings decades of experience to each client’s journey – focusing on their bio-individuality, history and unique situation to guide our functional medicine approach.


The concept of “functional medicine” is prioritized at South Bay Wellness. Learn why this is so important as the “medicine of the future” and gateway to living better and enjoying quality of life.

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An integral part of South Bay Wellness’ approach is a collaborative relationship between our practitioners and the client. Our practitioners serve as your guide, helping you create health and feel great for the long-term.

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Why South Bay Wellness?

Too often, people think of “wellness” in temporary terms. They want to take short-term and quick-fix steps, like medication, to improve annoying symptoms but never deal with unhealthy routines, lifestyle choices and other underlying causes that created the illness in the first place.

After years of seeing this happen to clients, Dr. Danielle Zanzarov, PhD opened a functional medicine and lifestyle center that not only helps clients improve their overall wellness and health, but also gives them the tools and coaching to successfully continue their journey for the rest of their lives.

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