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At South Bay Wellness, We Are

Committed to Your Well Being

We offer the finest health & wellness services provided by skilled practitioners. We are dedicated to our clients and strive to help each one meet their individual goals. This is where healing happens!



Denise “I just completed the first 40 days of Vitalife program and I just wanted to share some of my successes with you. So before I started, I really just felt awful. I have a lot of medical issues that being take care of through medication and speaking with my coach, we decided to try this... - Denise Marilyn P. “I was at my highest weight ever and I wanted to see what the program was all about. It sounded daunting to begin with but as I lived the program and got through the first week, it really became a way of life and not all that difficult. As you get older, you want to... - Marilyn P. Brian L. "I’m 57 years old, well I’ll be 57 and battling the same 30/40 pounds for the last 20 years and my son actually had a little intervention with me and my wife about getting serious about losing some weight. I started February 2nd and I am about 60 pounds down. I went from a 38... - Brian L. Gina “The first 25 days in, I was super strict and really good about it. At the end of my round, I lost 27 pounds so I was excited about that. I’ve always eaten fast food, I’ve always eaten out a lot so I definitely missed Taco Bell and Chinese food, but after a while, I... - Gina Peter "I decided to get on the program because I decided to get serious about my health and I knew the biggest hurdle that I had to climb was doing something about the way that I ate. So, I looked into some programs and this one looked very good. I had a fantastic consultation and found... - Peter Michelle Hi, my name is Michelle and I just wanted to take a minute to say a great big thank you to Danielle. I came to see Danielle a few months back with my teenage daughter, who at the time wasn’t feeling very well. Danielle took the time to work with her and to really listen... - Michelle Michelle F. I recently opened up a business and was suffering from the effects of what a new business can to do somebody. I felt a lot of stress and fatigue and my immune system was completely compromised. I was really struggling and a friend of mine had given me the name of Danielle over at South... - Michelle F. Joanna M. When I began with South Bay Wellness. I had been struggling with panic attacks when driving, depression, anger, insomnia. I was taking medication, but I was still experiencing all the above. It was just getting me through the day. I felt like my life was getting smaller and smaller. Since I have been doing the... - Joanna M. Carolyn M. VitaLife is a lifestyle where I've lost the weight I need to and I'm also learning how to eat for optimal health and wellness. The difference between this and all the other programs that I've tried is that VitaLife is practical and sustainable! And, Danielle from South Bay Wellness is extremely knowledgeable and patient. - Carolyn M. Dee Maureen Ford is a most insightful therapist to entrust your deepest hurts, pains, and disappointments with as you navigate the journey back to healthy living. She helps you explore the many scenarios that exist, not just your own viewpoint. By doing this she assists you in seeing the many options that occur in any troubling... - Dee Mary I have been seeing Maureen for over three years, and she has created a comfortable, safe space for me to learn how to live with anxiety and depression. She has helped me navigate several life changing events, and with her help I've come out of each of them a stronger person. - Mary Jamie W. Although it was difficult to admit, our young, elementary school-aged son was suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem. After noticing a change in his behavior at school, we contacted the South Bay Wellness. We had one discussion with Ruth Love and knew she would be a great fit for him.  Ruth is a kind and... - Jamie W. Ryan Caitlin asks the right questions. She has helped me make great strides. I have had a big improvement to my mental health since I started seeing her in February. She is amazing.  - Ryan Courtney My time working with Alyson is something I will be forever thankful for. It allowed me to see how strong I truly am. She gave me the knowledge and tools to work through many challenges in my life and help me to become the person I am today. I would not have been able to... - Courtney Tiffany My work with Alyson not only helped me with my emotional and mental needs at the time, but also gave me the tools to solve future issues on my own, which is empowering. Although I have achieved many of my goals with Alyson, I know I can always come back in for a "tune-up" session... - Tiffany Liz D. The help I have received from South Bay Wellness has been boundless and life changing. My initial visit was to help with my current relationship and everything that affected it. Little did I know so much of my issue had little to do with my actual relationship with my now husband but more with my... - Liz D. Kerry N. Alyson helped me find myself again after a dark period in my life. I cannot thank her enough for assisting me in working through my struggles.   - Kerry N. Lorin I came to Alyson when I was pregnant, physically sick beyond comprehension and depressed. I was a person who always thought I would seek help if I needed it but could never imagine the illogical thinking a person suffering from depression experiences. Or rather, the non-thinking. I would sit around sick and lost in an... - Lorin Gail S. One of the best health places I've been to. Danielle considers all aspects of well-being when working with a client, not just surface problems. She is a truly caring health provider who is very knowledgeable and supportive.  - Gail S. Debra A. I highly recommend visiting South Bay Wellness. The nutritional advice and knowledge that Danielle Zanzarov has given me has been life changing.  - Debra A. John W. After dealing with IBS for months, I was desperate for relief. My doctor said to just take an Imodium every day, which was not acceptable. I met with Danielle, who spent over 2 hours with me. I was amazed at the accuracy of her muscle testing. She identified foods that I needed to avoid, and... - John W.

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South Bay Wellness Is Pleased to Announce That We Are Now Open for In-Person Services!

We recognize that the decision to return to in-person appointments or stay with telehealth sessions is dependent on a variety of factors that are different for each of our current and prospective clients. We will work with you to help determine what the best choice is for your wellbeing. We will continue to offer telehealth […]


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