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What we can’t see can hurt us – EMFs

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are very real and very present in our world even though we can not see them. What are they exactly?

EMFs are emitted by electronic and wireless devices. Low-frequency EMFs are emitted mainly by appliances and electricity whereas high-frequency EMFs are emitted by wireless devices like cell phones, cell phone towers, power lines, computers and more. 

Considering the number of devices and electronics in our world, we are virtually living in a sea of EMFs. Unfortunately, this sea of EMFs is damaging to our health. 

EMFs interfere with the body’s own energy system, its natural cellular resonance. It stresses the cells of the body and interferes with their function. They impact cellular metabolism as well as ions within our bodies. 

Exactly how dangerous are EMFs? This is a topic that is being widely debated in the scientific community at the moment. At one point in time, the Environmental Protection Agency requested that EMFs be listed as a Class B carcinogen. The Department of Energy has stated that EMFs do have biological effects. There is still much more scientific research needed to further our understanding. 

While the science community debates about EMFs and exactly how dangerous they are, here are some things you can do now to reduce your exposure. 

  1. Make sure your bedroom is a sanctuary. Remove all electronic devices from your bedroom including cell phones.
  2. If you have wireless internet service in your home, turn it off when it is not in use. Especially at night. It is also recommended to turn off all cell phones and computers. 
  3. Ground your home to shield it from EMFs. I do EMF work with clients in their homes. Using very specific rock minerals, we are able to ground their homes and create protection from EMFs. (To learn more about this service, please contact me at .) This shielding allows static charges that may build up to drain and recycle with the earth’s energetics.
  4. Protect your cell phones, laptops, and tablets. At South Bay Wellness, we use Q-discs. These small discs can be stuck to the back of your cell, tablet or laptop computer and they can protect you from the harmful effects of EMFs. I have one on my laptop and my phone and probably wouldn’t use them otherwise. You can purchase a Q-disc by contacting me at



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