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Janeen Rosado

Janeen Rosado is a health coach for the Vitalife Weight Loss Program at South Bay Wellness. She exudes health and wellness, but this wasn’t always the case. Janeen was the fast food mom. Like many of us juggling parenting, it left her short on time and convenience trumped health. Her body paid the price. In 2011 Janeen was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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This life changing diagnosis forced Janeen to evaluate her lifestyle. Considering there was no genetic link to the breast cancer and determined to find the cause of her health struggle, Janeen discovered how her food choices were detrimental to her body.

It took her some time, like many of us, to implement the knowledge she was acquiring. While undergoing chemotherapy and radiation she found it hard commit fully to a healthier lifestyle. Even after treatment was completed, it was difficult to adjust and Janeen struggled with severe depression.

Realizing her life was at stake and recognizing she did not fight for her life to feel depressed and unhealthy, Janeen looked for a solution to help her make a change. She tried all different programs to get herself back on track with little to no success. She had hit rock bottom and knew she had to do something!

This is when Janeen found Vitalife. She is not just a coach for the program, she lives the program and is a walking testament to its benefits. “The VitaLife program was exactly what I needed. It has truly transformed my life for the better.”


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