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About VitaLife

If you are looking to lose weight quickly and safely, while learning the skills necessary to keep the weight off for good, then the VitaLife program and its team can assist you in getting your health and your life back.

The VitaLife program is specifically designed for you to lose the weight and keep it off.

A healthy body weight is important for one’s health for many different reasons. If you are considered overweight, you have a 50% chance of having a weight related illness such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and mood disorders and potentially dying from that illness. If you are obese, the statistics rise to 75% and more.

Losing weight can result in greater health, more energy and vitality, better self-confidence, a better mood, money saved, and even better focus and concentration. Most people know this, yet they are struggling to lose the weight or worse, the lose weight and then end up gaining back and then some. Statistically speaking only 2% of people who lose weight keep the weight off for the long term. VitaLife is out to shift that statistic.

Our holistic, non-invasive, individually tailored, simple and supported approach allows our clients to attain a healthy weight and lifestyle changes for the long term.

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Why the VitaLife Program Works

Everyone gains weight for different reasons and has their own set of unique problems and circumstances. The VitaLife program is designed to address your specific needs and challenges. Through the VitaLife Scan, you will have a customized list of the best fat burning foods for your body and a customized regimen so you can achieve your goals.

During your program, you have one-on-one weekly coaching sessions, daily text support and accountability. We will also be using the most advanced technology to track your weight loss progress to ensure that you are losing fat and not muscle or water. Most diets cause you to lose water weight but on the VitaLife program we ensure you that you are only losing the weight you want to lose. We assess over 15 factors on a weekly basis to ensure that you stay on track. Because of our technology, we are able to customize your program to get you into the perfect fat burning zone.

The VitaLife program is also a continuing education program. Through weekly coaching sessions, group classes, and various tools available to our members, the program teaches you to be self-sufficient in reaching your health goals. We give you the tools you need for a lifetime so that you never need to worry about your weight again.

The VitaLife program is a life changing 4-stage program. The program is customized to specifically what your body needs to burn fat and what course of action is needed to get hormones re-balanced. It is safe and effective and allows you the opportunity to lose weight quickly and naturally without calorie restrictions, hormones, hunger, and even exercise. You heal your body from the inside out as you reset your metabolism, enhance your hydration, detoxify and give your body the nutrients it needs all while eating real food. We don’t make you eat prepackaged foods nor shakes; we teach you how to eat real food to maintain your weight loss for life..

Our coaching based program supports you as you go through your weight loss journey. You work directly with a health coach to ensure that you are successful. That is why we GUARANTEE* that you will lose 20-40lbs in just 40 days!

How the Program Works

The Vitalife program is the most efficient, effective, time tested and proven program. It is not something you can purchase from the internet. It is incredibly powerful, examines all aspects of weight loss, personalized and it is guaranteed*.
It is not a fad diet plan nor a magic potion program. We identify what your body needs for fat burning and we provide your body with the nutrients it needs to safely and effectively burn fat, detoxify, balance your pH, and feel great. Our clients not only lose weight and keep it off for good, but they have tremendous breakthroughs in their relationship with food, their self-esteem and their health overall. In fact, the intent of the program is not to have you just lose weight (you can do that with a calorie restriction program), it is designed to have people live with health and vitality so they can have a more fulfilling life. Unfortunately, that is not the goal of most of the common weight loss programs on the market. We give you the tools to change your weight and change your life. Our team is passionate about your success and we guide you every step of the way.

The VitaLife Weight Loss program is not a quick fix with powders and potions fake food nor hormones, caffeine pills nor laxatives. For the first 40 days of the program, you are in a rapid weight loss as you eat real foods- Protein, Fruit, and Vegetables. You are not hungry because you are in fat burning and as you detoxify and nourish body you gain energy and vitality.


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After your first 40 days, we work with you to reset your body’s weight set point so that it has a new weight to maintain as its homeostasis. Those who have additional weight to lose can then go back into rapid weight loss or join our Life with Vitality program where we work with you to keep the weight off.

We do not accept just anyone into our program. We work with those who are ready to make a change, committed to themselves, and keep the weight off for life. Our clients work with us for a minimum of 7 months so that they have all the tools they need for life and they never need to come back. The program is for those ready to lose the weight and keep it off for good. The habits and skills learned on our program assist you for life.

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