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Counseling for Stress & Life Transitions

At South Bay Wellness, many of our clients are what we describe as the “worried well”. If we look at the demands of life and the circumstances of the times we live in it is easy to see why this happens to many people! They are individuals who are experiencing stress, fear, concern or overwhelm about specific life issues.

financial stress

These issues are often related to life transitions or difficulties such as:

  • Career changes and uncertainty
  • Financial stress
  • Change of relationship status (divorce, separation ect.)
  • Caregiver fatigue (for children or aging parents)
  • Loss and grief
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Empty nest

How Can Counseling Help?

It is very common for people struggling with difficult life events to dismiss counseling as an option for self-care and relief since counseling will not make these issues go away.  It is true that counseling cannot “fix” or remove life’s obstacles – but it can help you navigate them in a way that feels much more manageable. This quote about peace provides the perfect explanation for how counseling can help.

How Does the Counseling Work?

All of our therapists believe in the individuals ability to resolve their stress and overwhelm and live a peaceful and rewarding life. They will listen to your concerns in a non-judgmental, fully accepting, and safe environment and will approach your situation with sensitivity, compassion and professionalism. Early in the process of therapy your therapist will guide your conversations with thoughtful questions to help them get to know you and learn more about what you are experiencing. As the therapy continues you will find yourself bringing topics, concerns, victories and struggles to your therapist.

Your Therapist Will Help You with the Following:

  • Education about what you are experiencing
  • Healthy tools to help relieve stress
  • Techniques and skills to help you manage the difficult life situations you are experiencing
  • Assistance with processing difficult life situations and guiding you towards finding your own resolution to them
  • Communication tips and techniques
  • Understanding the role your environment plays in your emotional health

Your Therapist Will Use a Variety of Researched Therapeutic Interventions in Their Work with You Including, but Not Limited To:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive psychology
  • Person-in-environment and family systems models

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