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Parent Coaching

Don’t You Wish Your Children Came with a Manual?

Parenting is hard. Even when we love and adore our children. The complexities of today’s parenting challenges (an increase in children with mental health struggles, social media influences, lack of community support and resources) add to this difficulty. Many parents describe feeling like they just don’t know what the right thing to do for their child is.

What is Parent Coaching?

A parenting coach offers guidance and mentoring to parents and caretakers. When it comes to children, many people offer advice. A parent coach helps a parent decide which of the many pieces of advice they receive about their child(ren) matches their values and beliefs when tackling a specific issue. A coach listens and responds to the client selectively using questioning techniques. A parenting coach does not tell a parent what to do, but instead partners with the parent(s) in order to develop a plan of how to approach specific parenting issues that fit the unique needs of the family.

Parent coaching gives parents the opportunity to learn skills and strategies to more effectively respond to and manage behavior. Parents can learn why their children behave the way they do, and how their own parenting style may be contributing to the very behaviors that the parent is struggling with!

parent coaching

Think of parent coaching as adding an outside member to your family. This “family member” can review your current interactions with your child and identify where conflict occurs while also assisting in identifying and implementing strategies that both the parent and child can agree upon. During the parent coaching process, strategies can be taught to improve relationships and communication, improve difficult behaviors and assist with child compliance, in addition to supporting parents in positively and effectively collaborating with schools and other services.

There is significant value in talking through your feelings with a professional who has the knowledge and skills to understand what you are going through and the experience to assist in helping you reconnect with your role as a parent. The role of a parent coach is to provide education, support, and encouragement as you begin to implement new strategies and guidelines in your home.

There Are a Variety of Reasons a Parent Would Reach out for Parent Coaching:

  • Does your child/teen tantrum regularly?
  • Engage in back talk and/or struggle with following directions?
  • Are you struggling with managing your child’s aggression?
  • Does life feel like a constant battle when it comes to your child and
  • managing day to day activities?
  • Are you confused about the best strategies to use to set boundaries with your child?
  • Are you worried about your child’s future success?
  • Are you feeling like a parenting failure?

If you answered yes to some of these questions then parent coaching might be a great avenue for you to get education and support.


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