Meet Alyce Croft, MA - NLP and Expert Performance Coach

Alyce Croft

Alyce Croft is a performance coach and NLP practitioner at South Bay Wellness.

Alyce Croft, MA, CYT

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The dark night of the soul came for Alyce as a horridly jumbled feeling of being completely stuck, lost, broken, overwhelmed, lacking self-worth, and a little voice that said, “You’re a failure. You’re not good enough.” She was the “smart girl” growing up and started her professional career as a SUPER nerd – teaching Philosophy at university. Years in the academic world left her feeling disillusioned and unfulfilled, so she left it all behind and embarked on a worldwide traveling adventure. 

Yes, swinging from philosophy professor to a young woman standing in the airport with a one-way ticket to Vietnam was quite a headspin and a giant leap of faith! She was out of the USA for 4 years teaching English and eventually working in night life, which brought its fair share of fun and adventure but was not a sustainable lifestyle. Around the time the last viable working visa was used up, she was both being faced with having to leave the country and not knowing where to go next and was robbed on the street after a late night. It spun her out into despair. How could this happen to me? What am I doing with my life? Where do I go from here? What value does my life have?

She had to face a lifetime of conditioning towards perfectionism, self-criticism, feelings of shame, and traumatic experiences. She had to acknowledge her problematic relationship with alcohol and escapism. During this time, she also started experiencing debilitating menstrual difficulties, which were so bad it affected every area of life. She knew she needed to find a pathway to healing her body and spirit.

After all that time running around the world, she initiated an internal expedition towards inner stillness, peace, and strength. She attributes the healing of her menstrual malaise with lifestyle changes, natural medicine, and facing the emotional and subconscious areas that needed release, healing, and integration. NLP (neuro-linguistic programing) was the integral piece to dissolving blocks and uncovering her wholeness. She released sexual trauma, negative feelings, limiting beliefs, and integrated the fractured parts of her unconscious to recognize the wholeness that was there all along.

In learning to love herself and her body, and in embracing all the experiences and challenges of her life, she’s been empowered to cultivate confidence, live her fullest life, and be resourced to help herself and others through the many challenges of life with grace and wisdom.

Alyce holds a B.A. in Philosophy, a M.A. in Humanities, is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor, and in 2021 was certified in Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP), Quantum Time Technique (QTT), hypnosis, and life coaching.

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