Meet Karissa Rasmussen - Master Health & Success Coach

Karissa Rasmussen

She is the Center Manager and Health Coach for South Bay Wellness.

Karissa Rasmussen

As a child, Karissa suffered from debilitating pneumonia several times a year. Her pediatrician was unable to help her. In her frustration, her mom took Karissa to a naturopathic doctor and she finally stopped getting sick once they were able to address the root cause of the issues. Karissa was fascinated by natural medicine and how it helped heal her maladies as a child.

When she got older and was no longer under the care of her mother, she stopped taking good care of herself and got into the rut of self-sabotage, shaming, and regret. Always feeling tired and anxious, she could not be fully present and was unable to give her best to her loved ones or to her work and life recreation. It seemed outside circumstances controlled her actions. After years of struggle, she went back to her roots and found a naturopathic doctor and team. South Bay Wellness treated her like a partner in the journey to her health and wellness. She found that she could make meaningful changes in her health, lifestyle, diet, and habits. Her lifestyle changes and her sense of empowerment led her to work at South Bay Wellness where she continues to expand her knowledge and empower clients to take back control of their health. She understands that everyone must find their own answers, but we can reach our goals with the help of one another.

Karissa understands that making lifestyle changes can be difficult. It is challenging to get motivated and can be hard or impossible to maintain discipline. She understands this because she has lived that way too. She believes her challenging journey has led her to this invaluable work and she consistently strives to help clients reach their health and wellness goals. She is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator.

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